Rosewood Dragon Table

This Dragon Table is a Piece of History. Originally carved for Grace Slick and Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane this magnificant piece of fine art is as beautiful and solid today as the day it was completed on Dec. 5, 1976 and installed in their living rooom overlooking the Golden Gate.
For years, it was the center piece for practice sessions of the Jefferson Starship. Most of the top rock and roll celebraties of the 70's and 80's played music with Paul and his family seated on or around the Emperor Dragon. If only the Dragon could talk! What stories he could tell, and what music he could play.


Outside Measurements of Table fully assembled:

Length (Back of Cape to far ege of tail): 96"
Width of Table at its widest point: 56"
Height of table top: 11"
Height of head at top of cape: 32"

Complete piece breaks down into 8 hand carved parts:

a. Head with removable Tongue (two pieces)
Length of head (back of cape to tip of tongue): 40"
Height of head (floor to top of cape): 32"
Thickness of head: 11"
Tongue (removable): 25" x 3" x 2.5"

b. Solid Brazilian Rosewood table top. 79" x 56" x 1" thick with 2" outer border.

c. Tail, Solid California Walnut. 5" thick x 22" spiral circle (this serves as a seat)

d. 4 Hand Carved California Walnut feet with Ebony Toe Nails. 20" long x 5" wide x 8" high


a. Head: Solid Brazilian Rosewood with Angico Cape, glass eyes, elk antler tip teeth.

b. Tongue (removable): Solid Vermillion with Ebony hinged lid, solid gold Eye of Horus Inlay with mother of Pearl eye and Ruby eye lid.
Amount of tongue exposed: 8"
Total length of tongue: 25"
Tongue is removed by standing behind the Dragon Head and unscrewing two warts(Rosewood) on either side of the head which releases the locking mechanism enabling the tongue to be pulled out of the head like a drawer. There is a secret compartment on the inside end of the tongue which once contained a solid silver dragon box (the essence of the Dragon).

c. Table Top: Solid 1" Brazilian Rosewood with 2" rim-border.

d. 5 Toed Feet: California Walnut with Ebony Toe Nails. Connecting hand carved legs are Basswood and connect to hidden Basswood body underneath the table.

e. Tail: California Walnut

Price: Fine Art Appraisal: $95,000 + California Sales Tax & Delivery

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