Genesis Dolphin Pattern

All Dolphin Carvings Measure 46" Long x 24" Wide

And come equipped with wall template &
"multi-position" hangers for easy installation.


Wall Dolphin: Genesis Pattern
Shown in 2" Redwood

Buy this Dolphin Wall Sculpture. . . $895

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Also available in other fine hardwood species, thicknesses and finishes.

See prices & options below.

l.Wall Dolphin Genesis Pattern
Outdoor Installation in Basswood, Redwood & Teak:
a. 1" thick... $795
b. 2" thick...$895
c. 1" Teak...$1,000
d. 2" Teak...$1,300

2.Wall Dolphin Genesis Pattern
Indoor Installation in Walnut, Mahogany & Cherry:
a. 1" thick...$995
b. 2" thick...$1,195
c. Birdseye Maple 1"...$1,195
d. Birdseye Maple 2"...$1,395

3. Blue or Green Dolphins in Genesis Pattern:
a. Available only in Basswood.
b. Recommended for Indoor Installation only.
c. Click here to see Samples: Blue or Green.
d. 1" thick...$1,195
e. 2" thick...$1,395

4. Finishes available:
1. Outdoor:
a. Linseed/Verathane mixture (oil based).
b. Varnish (extra fee).
2. Indoor:
a. Non-toxic Vegetable Oil
b. Linseed/Verathane mixture (oil based).
c. Lacquer (extra fee).

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