Unique one-of-a-kind carvings. Although the outer profile is identical for all the carvings, no two are exactly the same regarding the details. Each carving is special and hand carved by Tom D'Onofrio, himself, and his signature guarantees his unique poetic interpretation.

"I am not interested in carving correct anatomy. I'm am trying to show how this beautiful free spirited mammal moves through the water or leaps joyously through the air. I am trying to interpret how the water (when swimming) or the air waves (when leaping air-borne) moves off its body. No two instances are ever the same."

"Essentially I am trying to show through these carvings, one minute aspect of the dolphin's magnanimous spirit. Its just a nanosecond in their time sequence of how they express their boundless joy and playfulness."

"So each time I create a new carving, I come fresh and filled with deep respect and gratitude for these playful creatures and try to always present a fluid dynamic leap of buoyancy into each carving."

"My litmus paper test is my two daughters Ciarra (age 10 )and Colby (age 7). If they smile and are thrilled at what I have attempted to create, then I know I have communicated to the children in all of us, something the Dolphins do quite naturally."

"I am so thrilled that my lifestyle as an artist gives me this opportunity to honor and sing praises to one of the most joyous and free spirited species on the planet, a true inspiration for us all."

"5% of all profits after expenses will be donated to nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting and communicating with dolphins and whales.(see links). As my company becomes more successful, the dolphin donation will increase."

Every effort is given to utilize recycled or sustainable growth carving woods and materials, and to use nontoxic, biodegradable finishes when ever possible"


The Dolphin Carvings are carved with the noses facing either left or right.

Each carving comes with a "user friendly" wall mounting template that enables you to mount your Dolphin on the wall in one of several possible positions in a matter of minutes. Click here to see samples.

You can change the position any time you desire. For example, when you first purchased your "right facing" dolphin, you chose to mount the dolphin so the tip of the nose is at 3 o'clock and the lower tip of the tail is at 9 o'clock and therefore are on the same horizonal line. A few weeks later you decide to change the sculpture so the tip of the nose is at 12 o'clock and the lower tip of the tail at 6 o'clock, thereby creating a vertical position. By utilizing the wall mounting template, you can make quick and easy changes. You can even hang the dolphins upside down. After-all, they often swim that way.


Outdoor Installation:

Wood Species:
Dolphins selected for outdoor installations are usually selected from
softwood species such as: Redwood or Basswood.

Wood Thickness: No less than 1 1/2"

Wood Finish:

Natural Grain: To preserve the natural color of the wood grain:
Oil Finish applied every two to three months depending on harshness of weather.
Marine Varnish or Urethane: Good for 3 to 5 years---Smith and Company Marine Varnish recommended.
(May require stripping old finish)
Painted Surface: Marine Painted surface good for 3-5years depending upon weather conditions.
Will require stripping old paint, upon refinishing.
Go To The Weather: Letting the Dolphin Carvings go to the weather is a favorite choice among many Dolphin Carving owners. They originally selected an oil finish clear coat and installed it outside allowing the carving to "go to the weather". An interesting "weathered patina" occured (See 4 dolphins on barn gable picture above)---these are made from Basswood and Redwood. The Basswood tends to become black with age and the Redwood tends toward gray. There is no guarantee how the weathered patina will look, however one can always go back to the original finish, by re-sanding the Dolphin Carving, and maintaining the original finish with either an oil or marine varnish.


a. One of the most unique features of these carvings is that you can change how they appear, by changing the angle and brightness of your lighting source at night.

b. Because the grooves in the carvings create "shadow" lines to the viewer, the actual shapes of the "raised portions" of the carvings will seem to change as the angle and brightness of the sunlight changes during the day. During the day these changes are subtle because of the massive amount of light streaming over the dolphin sculpture, but when the sun is lower to the horizon line in the early morning or late afternoon, you can more readily observe how the actual inner details of the dolphin change.

c. Spot light brightness: Its a great deal of fun to experiment with the brightness of your outdoor spot lights at night by plugging your lighting unit(s) into a rheo-stat controlled circuit.

d. The angle at which your spot light hits the sculpture will determine how your dolphin sculpture will "read" to the human eye. For example, if you use one spot light aimed directly at the sculpture, it will read differently than one spot light located at either the top, or the side, or the bottom of the sculpture. Ideally, it would be best if you had the sculpture lighted from the top, bottom and either side, but this may not be possible in your location. In that case, select a spot light that can be aimed straight on to the sculpture and adjust the brightness of each lamp with your rheostat.

Indoor Installation:

Wood Species: If your dolphin carving is not exposed to direct sunlight on your indoor wall, you may choose either a hardwood or a softwood. If your indoor wall is exposed to direct sunlight, you would need to select the same wood species as an outdoor dolphin.

Hardwood species currently available: California Walnut (dark redish brown), Birds-eye Maple (Blonde with dark specks), American Cherry (golden turning darker with age)

Wood Thickness: 1" or 2" available

Wood Finish:
Non-toxic 100% pure vegetable oil such as Olive or Cannola oil. This type of oil finish gives off no poisonous off-gasses, and can be easily and safely applied by you when ever you want to brighten up the finish. l highly recommend to hang your dolphin sculpture in your bedroom as you spend 1/3 of your life there, and hopefully it will influence your sleep with peaceful and playful dreams.

Commericial oil finishes & lacquers are available upon request for all indoor and outdoor dolphin carvings.

Inter-Active Feature of the Carvings: In addition, rubbing vegetable oil on to your dolphin and wiping it dry with a paper towel enables you to "touch" the energy of the dolphin and his/her joy will give you a "contact high".
a. As you apply the oil, allow your fingers to explore all the grooves and mounds on the dolphin. Close your eyes and follow the dynamic flow of the soft curving lines and you will be transported into the subtle nuiances of how this particular dolphin is exercising her/his playful spirit.
b. When you wipe off the excess oil with a paper towel, follow the same proceedure above and continue pariticipating in the fluid world of your dolphin. Whether the entire proceedure takes 10 minutes or a half hour, you will be inspired. "Having a bad day? Oil your Dolphin Sculpture"
c. Sculpture as Healing Art "One of the distinctive advantages of sculpture is that unlike other forms of fine art such as paintings, photographs, films, & videos, you not only see the art work, you can touch it. You can feel it." "You can shut your eyes and let your "fingers do the walking". And your fingers will give you a whole other sense of how the energy of the dolphin moves through his/her environment and this is intimately transmitted directly to you through your finger tips."

Lighting: See above description on outdoor sculpture lighting.

"Want peaceful and playful dreams at night? Oil your Dolphin Sculpture!!"

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